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The Institute was established with the approval of the MOE on May 9th,2007.
Recruitment of studentd began in 2008.
It began the in-service master's program in 2012.

  Institute Vision

The institute is mean to cultivate excellent professionals grounded in both theory and practice of educational leadership and evaluation with global vision. 

  Developmental Goals             
‧ Talent Cultivation: cultivate outstanding academic research and practical professionals in educational leadership and evaluation.
‧ Academic Research: dedicated to the practical research of educational leadership and evaluation, enriching the educational leadership and evaluation theory and practical expertise.
‧ Lifelong Learning: meet the training intentions of personnel at all levels of educational institutions and implement the mission of lifelong learning.
‧ Promotion Services: assisting educational authorities and educational institutions to improve their operational efficiency and improve the quality of education.
‧ Teaching Empowerment: continuous development of teachers' teaching profession, making good use of teaching technology and pursuing teaching excellence.
‧ Expanding Vision: attach importance to industry-university cooperation and international activities, and broaden  the horizons of teachers and students.