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                   1. The Institute was established with the approval of the MOE on May 9th, 2007.           

                   2. Recruitment of students began in 2008.

                   3. It began the in-service master's program in 2012.


              The Institute was established with the following purposes in mind:

              1.to comply with the policy of implementing educational programs as demanded by the MOE.

              2.to promote an atmosphere of  academic development and foster global leadership qualities through our education programs.

              3.to comply with the current policies of college evaluation and department and graduate school evaluation.

              4.to meet the requirements of primary and high school evaluation and annual evaluations and annual  effectiveness evaluations.

              5.to meet the requirements relating to the assessment of basic abilities of primary and high school students.

              6.to meet the requirements of internationally and domestically commissioned cases of evaluation internationally and domestically.